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Welcome to our Travel Inspiration page!
Our Finisterra Travel Designers will have you dreaming about your next trip to an exotic, remote, and unique location somewhere on the globe in no time. Find inspiration in our tailor-made travel experiences for individuals, couples, families, and groups. We know that the internet can be helpful, but also overwhelming and exhausting when it comes to planning an adventure. Robots rarely ask you how you want to feel. But for us, bespoke travel begins with a feeling, a desire, a curiosity.
Like a perfectly tailored outfit, each adventure is beautifully crafted to best fit our travellers. We are here to help you experience this beautiful planet on your terms.
Where will you explore next?


Want to spend a week to experience the Norwegian fjords like a Norwegian? This hiking, biking, and kayaking tour is the ultimate Norway Adventure! With kayaks, mountain bikes, and hiking boots, you will get to experience fjords and waterfalls in the land of the midnight sun.

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Experience the Amazon while on a small-ship luxury cruise. When you enter the Ecuadorian Amazon, you are entering a world that few people have the opportunity to experience.
The smells, sounds, and tastes are all different.

Of course, so are the cultures that live within the communities.

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Worldly Girlies Travel Essentials

Who are we? We are Keri & Nicola and we LOVE to travel. To say that we are travel enthusiasts would be a gross understatement, we are travel addicts often planning our own travels a least two adventures in advance. Needless to say our day job (co-owners of Finisterra Travel) helps us to fuel our…

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Flying During A Pandemic

Late July 2020, during a pandemic, Nicola decides to travel overseas…all in the name of love. She travels from Vancouver, Canada, to the Canary Islands, Spain and tells us about her experience flying internationally during COVID 19. These are her travel tips on how to keep safe while flying during a pandemic.

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Experiencing Sisterhood on a Surf & Yoga Retreat

I bobbed in the ocean, sitting on my board, breathing heavy from the paddle out past the break. I already felt like giving up, but my eyes were zeroed in on the horizon, squinting away the sunrise. My brain was on overdrive. This one? …
Travel Blog Entry & Photos by Sherry Ott

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Packing Tips by Keri

Packing. Ugh. Just the thought of it stresses me out which seems odd as I do it so often. I travel about 20ish weeks of the year, essentially living out of a bag for a great part of the year. I can’t say that I have a fool-proof packing agenda, but I have definitely learned…

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Bhutan Travel Increases Your Happiness

Nicola and I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan, a tiny Buddhist country tucked in the heart of the Himalayas, in July of 2017 as guests of a very gracious local host. He created a custom Bhutan adventure just for the two of us. Although both Nicola and I have visited…

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Trekking with the Mountain Gorillas

Want to Trek to See Gorillas?” Of course you do. Contact us for a once in a lifetime experience of trekking to see the majestic Mountain Gorillas. Need some inspiration? Check out our Kenya & Uganda Wildlife itinerary. [/vc_cta][vc_column_text] Nicola’s advice when Gorilla Trekking? “Try not to get sat on by a 550lb Silverback!” Nicola…

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Southern India & Captivating Kerala

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Traveling to Kerala is not for the faint of heart, however it is absolutely worth it! In September 2016, Keri and I braved the journey to Southern India to attend the Kerala Travel Mart. We were fortunate enough to be invited on a tour beforehand, taking us from Bangalore to Cochin for 10 days….

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Fumbling Around Tuscany

Tour leading is an amazing way to see the world. For sure. It is not without its challenges however. I’ve had many mind-blowingly incredible experiences with a smattering of terrible ones. When asked about my most difficult tour leading experience, I have the same reaction – I pause, tilt my head to the side and…

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Top 5 Peruvian Dishes

My first backpacking trip to Peru was when I was 20 years old and an idealistic vegetarian on a $20 per day budget. That’s $20 per day for everything – transportation, hostel, sightseeing entrances, and food. Being a vegetarian anywhere is South America is a challenge but particularly when you are on a super tight…

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Top 10 Reasons to Rise Early While Travelling

During my tour leading career I have been cursed at by group members for setting pre-dawn wake-up calls, I’ve encountered mini-protests within my group when informing them of departure time, and I’ve literally dragged people out of bed. Why? Am I a horribly sadistic person? Nope…in fact the opposite is true. It’s my desire to…

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