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    Nicola and I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan, a tiny Buddhist country tucked in the heart of the Himalayas, in July of 2017 as guests of a very gracious local host. He created a custom Bhutan adventure just for the two of us. Although both Nicola and I have visited many countries in Asia, Bhutan stood out as truly unique. For starters, it is the only officially buddhist country in the world, there are no traffic lights, its architecture is traditional and cohesive, temples and Dzongs (fortresses) adorn even the most remote regions of the country, it boasts dramatic landscapes, and the people are incredibly friendly. It is also a land where wealth is measured not by traditional economic measures, but rather by a happiness index. How awesome is that? With its stunning scenery, welcoming people and fascinating culture, a visit to Bhutan is guaranteed to increase your Gross Personal Happiness.

    Bhutan is a fabulous country for hiking ranging from day hikes to multi-day treks. While we were there, we hiked almost everyday, although none of our hikes were terribly difficult. One of the most extraordinary things was that we encountered virtually no other travellers on our hikes, even along some of the more popular trails. We did encounter monks, farmers, students, and so many mellow dogs. Pristine mountain lakes, rice terraces, precariously perched temples, imposing glaciers, and some of the world’s most endangered species await the visitor in the mountainous amphitheatre of the Himalayas.

    If hiking isn’t your thing, there are dozens of colourful festivals throughout the year that are very worthwhile. Every village is known for their unique festival though the most widely known is the annual Tshechu, meaning a religious festival.

    Interested in visiting Bhutan? Contact us and we can put together a custom trip for you. Unlike most other countries, you cannot travel/backpack independently, but must book at tour through a licensed operator (which we are). We will arrange your visa, flights, and curate an itinerary that best suits your needs whether you are interested in an active or cultural trip. Check out our Bhutan itinerary for inspiration – Bhutan Custom Tour. Not quite what you are looking for? Tell us what you are most interested in and we will curate a Bhutan tour just for you.

    Prayer Wheels – Bhutan
    Dried Chilis – Bhutan
    Yak cheese on a string
    Buddhist prayer flags
    Great Buddha Dordenma
    Thimpu – National Memorial Chorten
    Monks at the Punakha Dzong
    Monks at the Punakha Dzong
    Monks at Punakha Dzong
    The beautiful Punakha Dzong
    Chillin’ with betel nut in the rice paddies
    Handing us betel nut to try
    Divine Phallus
    Keri & Niocla hking near Punakha
    Pic-nic beside the Chorten
    Buddhist Temple
    Buddhist offerings – Bhutan
    Our Homestay Sister – Haa
    Typical Bhutanese Lunch with Chilis and Cheese (our favourite)
    Nicola at Tiger’s Nest Monastery
    Paro Taktsang – Tigers Nest Monastery

    Contact us for a Bhutan Adventure designed specifically for you!


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