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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, we can answer some of your FAQs below, but if you still aren’t sure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ultimately, we want you to have peace of mind when you come with us. And we’ll do everything we can to secure that. We fully understand that these are uncertain times that we are living in and the picture is constantly and rapidly changing.

Please note that you can make a risk-free deposit with us that is fully refundable in most cases (minus the transaction fee of about 3.5%) up to 30 days before departure on the majority of our new bookings or postpone at anytime for free. Since all of our trips are custom designed,  we’re assessing the options and taking into account where we need to leave things open, remain flexible, or perhaps put two solutions in place.

Our partners around the globe are also fully aware of the situation which is why having long-standing business relationships built on trust really works for all sides, just as we saw in early 2020 when we had to postpone/unwind/rebook/cancel hundreds of trips.

For trips in 2021 and 2022, we’re not putting non-refundable money down on travel arrangements booked for the distant future, for situations where neither we nor the supplier can be 100% confident that things will transpire as planned. We will be as flexible with our policies as possible.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our Covid-19 policies.

We advise each traveller to purchase a travel insurance policy most appropriate for their situation (including Covid-19). Proof of Travel Medical Insurance is mandatory on our trips and can be purchased through [email protected]

We are licensed to sell Manulife Insurance policies as well as World Nomads Travel Insurance.

All of our destinations require a passport, valid for 6 months BEYOND your return date. You may need a visa for your destination, please refer to for the most up-to-date information.

Please note that ALL TRAVEL DOCUMENTS (passports, visas, etc) are the responsibility of the individual traveller.

You may or may not need vaccinations depending on your destination(s). We are not physicians and cannot provide you with specific medical advice.

We strongly encourage you to check with your personal physician or local travel clinic at least 6 weeks before embarking on your journey for up-to-date information regarding medical precautions and immunizations for your particular travel destination(s).

For comprehensive information please refer to the Canadian Government Travel Site or the Center for Disease Control’s Traveller’s Health Information Website We recommend that you visit a Travel Medical Professional at least 2 months in advance.

Baggage restrictions vary by airline. Most carriers allow 1 checked bag per person, and each bag is allowed to weigh a maximum of 50 lbs.

Please visit the website of your airline to find specific details on what is allowed and what will incur extra fees. Generally, we recommend bringing only one larger bag and a carry-on (ie/backpack). We can provide packing lists for many of our adventures.

Check out Keri’s blog on packing tips HERE.

If you are open to sharing with a person of the same gender, we will do our best to match you up on our group tours. Otherwise, there is the Single Supplement option which varies from trip to trip.

Please do not book flights until the trip has been confirmed via email. If you would like assistance booking your flights, please contact us.

This will vary from country to country however, we always recommend having some USD (new, crisp bills) when you travel especially when travelling to Latin America and Asia. When travelling to Europe or Africa, it is handy to have some Euros on hand before departure.

Generally speaking, you can withdraw local currency from ATMs located in the international arrivals area of airports. You will likely get a much better exchange rate from the bank machine than if you took cash out in advance, particularly for the less popular currencies.

Bring bank cards and a Visa card or MasterCard. Check for the most current exchange rates.

We are a proud Canadian company however as much as we would love to price our trips in Canadian dollars, our currency is not a “world currency”. The value of the Canadian dollar fluctuates greatly against the widely used, US dollar.

Most of our itineraries are fully customizable for 1 to 20 people, although pricing will vary. Please contact us for a custom trip!


Are you all ready for your next adventure?

Even though we wish you a flawless trip, things can happen. Make sure you are prepared with a Travel Insurance policy that is right for you. Finisterra recommends Manulife Insurance or World Nomads Insurance. Please feel free to ask us about Covid-19 insurance coverage along with any questions you may have.


It’s hard to relax without knowing that you’re covered with Manulife.

Image of a girl swimming in ocean with Manulife travel insurance


Let yourself feel free with World Nomads and travel stress-free.

Image of a woman standing on the mountains covered by World Nomad travel insurance

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our Covid-19 policies.


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