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Finisterra has partnerships with amazing groups, individuals, and companies to provide you with extraordinary experiences!

Established in 1990, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) serves over 1000 members in over 100 countries worldwide. Members predominantly include tour operators, tourism boards, specialty agents and accommodations with a vested interest in the sustainable development of adventure tourism. The ATTA delivers solutions and connections that propel members towards their business goals and the industry toward a responsible and profitable future.

The travel and tourism industry is the world’s largest commercial service sectors, employing 1 in every 11 people on Earth (as of 2015). As such, the industry has a significant impact on the economic well being of people and the environment. Adventure tourism, dominated as it is by small businesses working in rural areas and wilderness environments, is even more dependent than other forms of tourism on human and nature capital, and views the protection and promotion of these resources as central to its continued success.

Get on board with Surf Sister abroad! Surf Sister has teamed up with owner Krissy Montgomery’s sister, Keri Montgomery of Finisterra Travel to create a totally unique surf experience. Maybe you’ve tried one of our programs in Tofino and you’re looking for a new adventure or maybe you’re just looking for a warm water surf getaway; either way we would love to head south with you. Check out our next adventure!

With a long list of successful exhibits that span 20 years and collectors worldwide, Laura’s paintings are described as beautifully imperfect. Often large in scale with strikingly bold colours and texture, each piece offers discovery. Laura’s process is rooted in memory and imagination, and her emotions are palpable. Together with Laura, we’ve hosted 3 international workshops. Contact us to participate in the next painting workshop. 

Our friends, Julie Marr and Francesco Creanza, we met in Puglia in 2014. Since then they have shared their passion for cooking and history by hosting workshops in Southern Italy, France and Vancouver. E.A.T. embodies our philosophy of sharing time, food and stories around a table where everyone is welcome. Click HERE for more information on their amazing culinary workshops.

An award winning photographer with a nomadic soul. Wayne has travelled around the globe and loves leading photography tours to the further-flung corners of the globe. Take your travel photography to a higher level through one-on-one coaching with your instructor, group critiquing, and hands-on practice with Langara College instructor, Wayne Kaulbach. Photographers and non-photographers are welcome on his tours – click HERE.

A private members’ club for leaders from the high-end travel industry.

Our mission is to make a global world truly local, 365 days a year. Since 2009, This is Beyond has been creating events that reshape the high-end travel industry into inspired communities. We’ve been putting humanity at the heart of business to connect like-minded leaders in different niches of our sector, all around the world.

Creating educational trips to a variety of destinations to learn about amazing countries and cultures. Programs feature small group experiences, pre-trip orientation meetings, and learning activities.

Are you all ready for your next adventure?

Even though we wish you a flawless trip, things can happen. Make sure you are prepared with a Travel Insurance policy that is right for you. Finisterra recommends Manulife Insurance or World Nomads Insurance. Please feel free to ask us about Covid-19 insurance coverage along with any questions you may have.


It’s hard to relax without knowing that you’re covered with Manulife.

Image of a girl swimming in ocean with Manulife travel insurance


Let yourself feel free with World Nomads and travel stress-free.

Image of a woman standing on the mountains covered by World Nomad travel insurance

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our Covid-19 policies.


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