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Starting From: $3955

Meridian Diving Adventure - Raja Ampat, Indonesia


    For all scuba divers, it is the number one bucket list dive resort holiday. Raja Ampat, Indonesia is located in the heart of the coral triangle. Known as the epicentre of marine biodiversity and host to over 80% of all the world’s coral species. No Seasons – Good diving all year around. The variety of dive sites ensure there is something for everyone, from macro photographers to Manta Ray lovers, and from beginners to experienced divers.

    Located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Indonesian Seas are the place of immense water exchange. The water exchange is known as the Indonesian Throughflow and flows from the Pacific through to the lower Indian Ocean. This flow delivers eggs and larvae to the reefs of Indonesia and travels over the complex underwater topography creating great upwellings of nutrient-rich cold water. A veritable life source, and after a holiday in these waters you will go home with a renewed sense of life yourself.

    Trust us, no two dives are ever the same in Raja Ampat. Click HERE for a glimpse into Raja Ampat.

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