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Packing Tips by Keri

    Packing. Ugh. Just the thought of it stresses me out which seems odd as I do it so often. I travel about 20ish weeks of the year, essentially living out of a bag for a great part of the year. I can’t say that I have a fool-proof packing agenda, but I have definitely learned a few things along the way. KERI‘S PACKING TIPS FOR ALL TRIPS:If you can carry-on, by all means, do it. It saves you so many potential headaches. I’ve had my checked bag go on many adventures without me ( However, if you must check your bag, I cannot stress the importance of packing your carry-on bag with all your essentials. Besides medications, extra contacts/glasses, chargers, etc, I always recommend carrying a change of clothing which is appropriate for the destination (ie/ if you are going on a hiking trip, make sure you are carrying a hiking outfit as well as appropriate shoes, hat, etc) just incase you are without your bag for a few days. KERI NEVER LEAVES HOME WITHOUT…A headlamp, phone portable battery pack, sunglasses, extra contacts/glasses, tiny speaker, downloaded maps on my phone, little black dress, Birks, Steripen for water purification, thermal water bottle, scarf, little back-pack, waterproof shell, a purse with a cross-body strap… 1. PACKING TIPS FOR VARIED CLIMATES:We always get asked, “How are we supposed to pack for this kind of trip?” For example, our most popular destination, hands-down, is Peru, and for good reason. Peru is a stunningly beautiful… Read More »Packing Tips by Keri

    Flying During A Pandemic

      Late July 2020, during a pandemic, Nicola decides to travel overseas…all in the name of love. She travels from Vancouver, Canada, to the Canary Islands, Spain and tells us about her experience flying internationally during COVID 19. These are her travel tips on how to keep safe while flying during a pandemic.

      Top 10 Reasons to Rise Early While Travelling

        During my tour leading career I have been cursed at by group members for setting pre-dawn wake-up calls, I’ve encountered mini-protests within my group when informing them of departure time, and I’ve literally dragged people out of bed. Why? Am I a horribly sadistic person? Nope…in fact the opposite is true. It’s my desire to showcase a location in its purest form; untainted by hordes of people or extreme heat. So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite reasons to get outta bed ridiculously early while travelling: 1. BEATING THE CRUISE SHIP CROWD. The cruise ship crowd doesn’t get up and going before dawn, so you should. Get your butt out of bed early. Anyone who has visited sites such as Pisa, Santorini, or the Venice knows that once the cruise ships arrive, all pleasure you experienced exploring is immediately drained and panic sets in. My favourite quote from a cruise ship goer was at Ephesus in Turkey stating with a southern drawl, “Where are we? I don’t even understand why we came here…everything is just old and in ruins.” Yup. 2. HOT AIR BALLOONING. Whether it is over Luxor, Cappadocia, Bagan’s Temples, or the Serengeti, hot air ballooning at dawn is a surreal experience.  In the darkness of the early, the glow of the fire filling the massive balloon is an impressive site in and of itself. For me, the serenity at dawn rising above the vast golden-hued plains with hundreds of grazing zebra and wildebeests below in the… Read More »Top 10 Reasons to Rise Early While Travelling

        Travel with a Sustainable Twist

          A few days ago Rob came back from an amazing trip to Nepal, where he travelled with donors and board members of Vancouver-based charity organization Seva Canada ( The Seva group travelled to Nepal to witness the impact that their efforts with have had on the remote Nepali communities, and to explore this beautiful country. That, in a way, made us reflect upon our impact when travelling. The need to protect our planet is almost unavoidable these days when environmental awareness is, I would dare to say, at its peak. However, the fact is that environmental awareness is manifesting in a new type of traveller – an environmentally conscious one. Nowadays many people, including myself, are looking for environmentally friendly products. Moreover, many people are looking for sustainable accommodation or green hotels when travelling, since they are aware of the negative impacts that the hotel industry can have on the environment. We are happy to say that from Finisterra’s very beginning in 2011, we have been aware of the need to be environmentally responsible when travelling. Supporting local communities is one of the core values of our company, and we are looking to encourage and promote that kind of behaviour in every group that travels with us. One of the things that we are looking for, is to stay at a green hotels whenever we can. When thinking about the environment, and the need for its protection, we have to understand that tourism is one of the largest and fastest… Read More »Travel with a Sustainable Twist

          Finisterra…What Does It Mean?

            As with many good ideas, this one begins in a pub in rainy Vancouver during an evening of witty banter fueled by that delicious barley beverage. High-fives were delivered, pinky swears were made and hugs were given as this was the night that the concept for our company was born. Now when you have an idea for a company, the first thing you want to do is name it so it seems like a tangible object. We wanted to tell our friends and family about our great idea for the ultimate tour company but how were we to refer to it? Naming a company can’t be that hard, right? Wrong. Our little company kind of went through an identity crisis as we had no idea how challenging the task of naming it could be. From Latitude to Footprint to Off the Grid to Inspire to dozens of other names that didn’t pan out, why was this the impossible task? We ran into the same problems over and over again; website domains were unavailable, tour companies with the same name existed in Vietnam, Panama or Zambia, or companies were already registered under the same name. We spent hours upon hours brainstorming, asked friends for help, and relied heavily on the thesaurus for inspiration but still no name. Weeks passed and the elation from the high-fives and initial concept had begun to fade. Frustration took over as every name we chose was unavailable for one reason or another until one night while… Read More »Finisterra…What Does It Mean?

            Keri & Nicola - The Worldly Girlies

            Worldly Girlies Travel Essentials

              Who are we? We are Keri & Nicola and we LOVE to travel. To say that we are travel enthusiasts would be a gross understatement, we are travel addicts often planning our own travels a least two adventures in advance. Needless to say our day job (co-owners of Finisterra Travel) helps us to fuel our obsession. Not a day goes by where we don’t squeal with excitement over the possibility of exploring a new destination. Our mutual travel obsession, an insatiable curiosity about the world, and passion for sustainable travel are what really bonds us. What are we about? We do our best to tread lightly in the destinations we visit whether we are travelling alone or with a group. Our philosophy is to travel responsibly for the long-term benefit of the local people, the travellers, and for the environment. During our world travels, we’ve experienced the many sides of tourism from the good to the bad to the truly heartbreaking. We are aware that there are many troubling issues around the globe, but one of the most obvious is the disturbing plethora of plastics discarded everywhere. Literally everywhere. From the stunning coastlines of Bali where we snorkelled beside fish gobbling down plastics to charming villages, we hiked through in the Andes where plastic bottles cascade down into the rivers below. It is heartbreaking to witness and heartbreaking to know that those plastics will still be on our planet for hundreds of years to come. Did you know that 50% of… Read More »Worldly Girlies Travel Essentials