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Finisterra…What Does It Mean?

As with many good ideas, this one begins in a pub in rainy Vancouver during an evening of witty banter fueled by that delicious barley beverage. High-fives were delivered, pinky swears were made and hugs were given as this was the night that the concept for our company was born.

Now when you have an idea for a company, the first thing you want to do is name it so it seems like a tangible object. We wanted to tell our friends and family about our great idea for the ultimate tour company but how were we to refer to it? Naming a company can’t be that hard, right? Wrong. Our little company kind of went through an identity crisis as we had no idea how challenging the task of naming it could be. From Latitude to Footprint to Off the Grid to Inspire to dozens of other names that didn’t pan out, why was this the impossible task? We ran into the same problems over and over again; website domains were unavailable, tour companies with the same name existed in Vietnam, Panama or Zambia, or companies were already registered under the same name. We spent hours upon hours brainstorming, asked friends for help, and relied heavily on the thesaurus for inspiration but still no name.

Weeks passed and the elation from the high-fives and initial concept had begun to fade. Frustration took over as every name we chose was unavailable for one reason or another until one night while discussing the fabulousness of Italy. Perhaps we were influenced by the wine we were drinking but we agreed on the word “terra” which means land. Terra needed elaboration so we tried combining it with other latin words like firma and incognita but neither felt quite right. With our company we want to take travellers on a journey to land’s end…to Finisterra. Inspiration had struck and Finisterra was born. Fin-is-terr-a; the point from which you peer out over the edge of the world.

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