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Starting From: $5395

Iceland to Greenland Cruise - Adventure Canada


    Join this Expedition Cruise from Iceland to Greenland through Inuit Nunangat alongside Inuit. Experience the extraordinary privilege of journeying through Inuit Nunangat—the ice, water, and lands of Inuit.
    Delve into a dynamic culture as you learn about the language, arts, cuisine, music, and traditions. Each facet is thoughtfully integrated into our on-board and onshore educational program, creating moments of authentic learning throughout your voyage.

    As honoured guests in the Inuit homeland, you’ll gain unique insights into the kinship between Inuit and the nuna (land). Connect with Inuit—artists, cultural educators, academics and more—who graciously share their knowledge and expertise.

    Try your hand at Inuit games, sample country food, visit a local hamlet, or simply walk the tundra with Inuit expedition team members who share Inuit Nunangat, their homeland, with you

    Contact us for more info about this Iceland to Greenland Cruise.
    DATES: July 12-24, 2025