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Antarctica 21 Cruise & Fly


    Antarctica, an entire continent of windswept expanses, snow-shrouded peaks, and abundant wildlife.

    Fly The Drake
    Our two-hour flight takes you from Punta Arenas, the Chilean gateway to Patagonia, directly to Antarctica, where you then board your expedition ship. No stormy crossing. No seasickness. Just quick, total immersion in your Antarctic adventure.

    Explore Antarctica
    Our small expedition vessels are more like private yachts, offering direct access to areas along the Antarctic shore that larger ships simply can’t reach. Since we have fewer guests, you get on and off faster, so your time ashore is focused where it should be: savoring every moment of a travel experience unlike any other.

    Contact us for details.

    Aqua - Small Ship Luxury Cruise - Mekong River Cruise - Vietnam & Cambodia - Aqua Expeditions


      Every itinerary on the luxury small ship, Aqua Mekong, is designed to offer an enjoyable and deeply insightful experience of the stunning Mekong region.

      Culture and civilizations have flourished around great rivers throughout history, and the Mekong is no exception. The opportunity to discover rich heritage and traditions enriched by 2,000 years of human history is what makes the Mekong river cruise one of Asia’s most epic and worthwhile journeys on water.

      A traveler cruising the Mekong is in close pursuit of a glorious past, retracing significant human accomplishments and cultural highs. From the flourishing of the Khmer empire from the 9th to 15th century to the prominence of Theravada Buddhism in present-day Cambodia and Vietnam, this is one of the few cultural destinations on Earth that’s best explored on a river voyage.

      Within each itinerary, activities are also highly personalized. Guests can choose from different excursions throughout the day, and follow a dedicated guide on small-group explorations that set off on Aqua Mekong’s own private skiffs. At the pace you desire, we make it possible to experience the beauty and culture of the Mekong River in comfort and exclusivity.

      And no matter what travel plans you have in mind, you can find a luxury cruise itinerary that suits your schedule. Begin by exploring the various itineraries for Aqua Mekong river cruises, which sail from Vietnam to Cambodia and vice versa, or within Cambodia. Itineraries depart from Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap.

      CONTACT US for more information, dates, itineraries (4 & 7 nights) & pricing.

      Galapagos Island Tour


        Explore the unique Galapagos Archipelago and follow in the footsteps of Darwin aboard a small-ship luxury Galapagos Island Cruise. Contact us to start planning your once in a lifetime adventure to the Galapagos Islands.

        Luxury Amazon Cruise


          Experience the Amazon while on a small-ship luxury cruise. When you enter the Ecuadorian Amazon, you are entering a world that few people have the opportunity to experience.
          The smells, sounds, and tastes are all different.

          Of course, so are the cultures that live within the communities.

          Amazon cruise


            Cruise the waters in the mighty Peruvian Amazon basin aboard a luxury small ship – Delfin Cruises. If you find yourself in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, you’re doing something right.

            Misool - Raja Ampat Retreat


              With the luxury of arriving by sailboat, we make accessible what’s otherwise unapproachable, we make simple what’s unique, and not only do we provide a thrilling motor-sailing experience, we have made it our trademark to offer unique and authentic insider-like experiences to our guests that they will cherish for a lifetime.