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Vancouver Island Kayaking tour - Broken Island Kayaking Tour

Sea Kayaking – Broken Group Islands – Sep

    Explore the breathtaking Broken Group Islands near Vancouver Island, Canada, during this sea kayaking tour. Paddle through stunning nature & abundant wildlife of the wild west coast of Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park.

    kayakers having fun on the see kayaking adventure - Broken Group Islands BC


      Sea Kayaking Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. This paddling adventure takes you through the West Coast’s extraordinary Broken Group Islands. Choose from 4 & 5 Day kayak itineraries.

      The Broken Group Islands are part of the Pacific Rim National Park, BC. Located off the west coast of Vancouver Island, the area is made up of a hundred small islands with sand and shell beaches and lush temperate rain forests. Just off the West Coast of British Columbia, islands with magnificent trees, white sand beaches, and an abundance of wildlife wait for anyone adventurous enough to discover them. The enchanting Broken Group Islands consist of more than a hundred independent islands, scattered throughout the calmest waters of the Pacific Ocean.

      There’s only one perfect way to explore the Broken Group and that’s by kayak. Kayaking through the Broken Islands allows visitors to glide through waters that often resemble glass, immersed in the serenity and beauty of one of the world’s most splendid destinations. Marine and land mammals to watch for include Orcas, Humpbacks and Grey Whales, sea otters, sea lions, wolves, deer, eagles, and pelicans. With such a rich cultural and ecological history, there is always something to look out for or ponder on our paddle. A fairly sheltered group of islands, this multi-day trip is great for all experience levels.

      We are excited to celebrate the LGBTQ2S community and will again be running two multi-day trips to bring the community together in nature. Please join us for one of our journeys to connect with great people in such a potent wild space.

      DATES: June 14-17, June 25-28, June 30-July 4, July 14-17, June 21-25, Sept  6-9
      *July 7-11, *July 29- Aug 1 *LGBTQ specific

      Epic Newfoundland & Labrador Adventure


        7-Day Adventure in Newfoundland and Labrador by Water + Air.

        There’s simply no other way to experience all the beauty and splendor that our diverse island has to offer than through this epic, seven-day air, and water adventure. Enjoy the comfort of a private helicopter to transport you and your guests to and from unique locations in a safe and ecologically friendly manner. Not only does this maximize your vacation time, but it offers a bird’s eye view of unforgettable seascapes without leaving a trace.

        The airborne half of your journey offers a glimpse of the alluring wilds around the capital city of St. John’s. Once you’re on the ground, the true beauty and unique culture of this place will unfold before you with unexpected charm and splendour.

        While you enjoy the thrilling helicopter rides our expert, local guides will bring you up to speed on all things Newfoundland with quirky facts, folklore, and history.

        Contact us for more information about this adventure in Newfoundland, Canada.

        Ultimate Iceberg Viewing Trip


          Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of majestic icebergs through this custom-designed sky, water, and land adventure.

          This exclusive opportunity offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime chance to encounter 10,000-year-old icebergs through private helicopters, boats, and guided walks on special sections of coastal trails for unrivaled multi-level viewing.

          Our Iceberg Alley Adventure is timed to coincide with the few weeks per year (mid-may to June) that icebergs drift near Newfoundland’s east coast, giving you an enhanced opportunity to encounter them up close, and from more angles than ever offered before.
          This three-day bespoke trip combines high altitude, sea level, cliff-side views of spectacular icebergs paired with unique Newfoundland culinary components, exclusive accommodations, expert academic and natural history guest speakers, backstage passes to iceberg-specific museum tours, vibrate cultural events, and more.

          Contact us for booking information.

          Yukon Winter Aurora Tour


            This Yukon Winter Aurora Adventure Itinerary is packed with activities such as seeking the Aurora Borealis, dog sledding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

            Dates Available from Jan -Apr 2023

            Follow Me North - Photography Workshop Bella Coola


              Join the incredible wildlife photographers from Follow Me North, on an EXCLUSIVE wildlife and landscape workshop in beautiful Firvale, British Columbia. Why visit? Bella Coola Valley has the largest coastal temperate rainforest in the world: over 16 million acres. The area’s incredible biodiversity is protected to maintain its ecological integrity, including 1,000-year-old spruce and cedar trees. An environment that allows its grizzly bear population to flourish.

              SOLD OUT: Sep 18-22, 2022
              Get on the list for 2023

              featured image of mom and cub polar bears


                Ever wanted to see the polar bears? Well, this is your chance to join the ultimate Polar Bear Adventure! Each day you’ll explore the Churchill Wildlife Management Area and other viewing areas as opportunities arise, observing the Polar Bear up close and personal.