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Explore some of India’s most incredible hinterlands, wildlife, and villages. Encounter rich cultures, ancient history, and what makes Rajasthan so unique on this Rajasthan Unexplored customizable tour.

A sojourn covering the natural marvels of Rajasthan, skirts along the southwestern region of the state, starting from the Dhundhar region lying in the semi-arid and rain-fed easter plains, crossing into the lush Aravali following the trail of the big cats from the famed tigers of Ranthambore to the elusive leopards of rocky crops in Bera, where a surprising relationship ensues between Rabari shepherds and leopards.

In a land filled with shining examples of royalty and their magnificent achievements in architecture, the most precious ones are perhaps the least noticed. Numerous man-made lakes and dams have made life possible in a state heavily dependent on monsoon rains with almost no natural catchments. 

Traversing through a varied landscape dotted with forts and palaces, many abandoned, some renewed with a fresh lease of life, thanks to the interests of discerning travelers from around the world. You too shall experience a way of life filled with culture and enduring legacy in the royal quarters of a fort. Yet she nurtures you with her kindness and the warmth of her people. She will always remain in your hearts as you take a bit of India back with you.

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Highlights of this Rajasthan Tour

  • Travelling through spectacular landscapes of India
  • Sampling amazing regional delicacies
  • Meeting fascinating locals and learning about local cultures & traditions
  • Light hiking through gorgeous terrain
  • Seeking tigers in Ranthambore & leopards in Jawai
  • Staying at amazing, luxurious properties
  • Exploring an untrodden side of Rajasthan
Rajasthan Unexplored - India Tour



USD per Person


Rajasthan Unexplored - India Tour


Welcome to Delhi! You will arrive at Delhi’s airport and be taken to Gangapur City.

A 4-hour train ride from New Delhi to Gangapur City, followed by an hour drive covering 40 km through varying landscapes, enjoying vistas of the idyllic landscape of Rajasthan takes you to Ramathra Fort, commanding a crowning presence, high on a hill.

A Jacuzzi on top of a fort rampart is the epitome of luxury. With expansive vista, relax atop the Ramathra Fort overlooking the Kalisil lake as hordes of birds fly overhead. A masterclass in conservation, Kalisil Lake has served the region for generations

Please note, that you are welcome to arrive the day before and stay near the airport in order to recover and adjust to the time difference.


Shapura Bagh


Explore the many experiences on offer at Ramathra Fort including the boat ride in Kalisil lake and watching birds. Drive through the rural landscape, interacting with indigenous communities.

Meals: Breakfast

Tiger Safari Ranthambore India


Day 3: An enchanting two-hour drive from Ramthra with vistas of rural Rajasthan dotted with abandoned forts in the middle of nowhere as higher citadels of nature in Aravalli hills make their presence felt, marking the arrival of Ranthambore, the famed tiger country.

Day 4: Enjoy morning and afternoon safaris with our expert guides, exploring the many zones of Ranthambore along with the historic Ranthambore fort, reclaimed by nature to a great extent but sacred shrines beckon the devotees still. Visit the many organizations working for conservation and support of local communities, providing skills and gainful employment to prevent poaching.

Visit Ranthambore National Park where the first and successful program for tiger conservation played out, laying the foundation for future conservation programs across the country. Fateh Singh, a modern-day hero’s legacy is palpable everywhere.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Shapura Bagh


Day 5: Depart Ranthambore to Shahpura, a 4-hour drive along the Aravalis, exploring the rural landscapes further. Arrive at Shahpura, a veritable water world with over 250 lakes, most of them man-made with legendary lore that you will learn about at Shahpura Bagh, the palatial homestay by the lakeside.

Day 6: Indulge in some early morning bird watching along the banks of one of the 250 lakes. Walk around the embankment or take a boat ride. Explore the majestic Fort Dhikola overlooking the village where time seems unhurried. Farm and temple visits, by bike, if you so prefer, makes for an active day.

With over 250 lakes around, all paid for by a royal with a heart of gold, pledging all his wealth, Shahpura Bagh has cemented its place in the hearts of people around. The icing on top is that 180 species of birds come here to roost with the changing seasons making it a birders’ paradise.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Vervet Monkey - India


An early start for the day, leaving the many birds of Shahpura behind as you take to the road for a 3-hour drive covering 142 km to yet another birding hideaway in Rajasthan; RAAS Chhatrasagar. Lunch on the deck awaits you prepared with locally grown organic produce followed by an intensive birding tour. Guests may see birds up close practically everywhere in the camp thanks to a checklist with more than 200 distinct species on it. RAAS Chhatrasagar may arrange formal introductions to the environment by arranging nature walks on well-maintained nature trails amidst the wilderness. 

The best way to see Lake Chhatra Sagar is via boat, in the late afternoon when the sun is gentle with a slight breeze. There is nothing more exciting than exploring a mangrove swamp in the middle of nowhere and discovering water birds. At twilight, head to the lakeside for a sundowner painting the perfect memory of a lifetime.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Rajasthan Unexplored - India Tour


Day 8: An early start of the day, with bird songs and temple bells resonating deeply from within ancient caves of Aravali – home to seekers and seers since time immemorial. Post a hearty breakfast, go on a village visit to the settlements surrounding RAAS Chhatrasagar, where farmers and shepherds live, invited by Thakur Chhatra Singh. These traditional hamlets still maintain a self-contained and happy way of life. 

Drive through the hauntingly beautiful landscape, bidding adieu to an oasis that is now your special place. A drive of 3 hours covering 137 km brings you to the surreal settings of Chanod. Arrive at Chanoud Garh to a warm welcome.

Day 9: A drive out to the salt pans for some spectacular sunset followed by tea, a drive to see the villages around – stark yet insightful about how village life is inextricably linked with the outdoors, and a walk through the village of Chanoud, stopping by to see village industries, crafts, and school are just a few of the signature activities.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Leopard Safari India


DAY 10: An inviting 1.5-hour drive through the rural region with the landscape changing subtly brings you to Jawai, the home of Indian leopards. An easy afternoon interacting with naturalists and guides at SUJÁN Jawai.

An evening drive to the rocky outcrops to sight the elusive leopards as they wake up for their nightly prowls.

DAY 11: Walk with Rabari shepherds on trails that take you deep into the leopard country as they navigate the rocky terrain with their sheep right under the noses of sleeping leopards, in their billion-year-old homes of rocky crevices. Explore the ways and life of these shepherds who have not only lived alongside the leopards but have been instrumental in their conservation. 

Jawai is best explored through walking safaris led by expert guides of the destination. Although there are options for Jeep Safaris, the landscape comes alive when explored on foot. The Rabaris, the local tribe of the region, distinguished by their unique red turbans, are a community of shepherds who have lived on the fringes of civilization and wilderness for centuries, enjoying a fascinating life, far from most settlements and with a scanty supply of water.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Rajasthan Unexplored - India Tour


Day 12: An easy morning, breakfast, and conservations with naturalists and bidding farewell to the rocky terrain of Jawai, a 2-hour drive takes you into the heart of Aravali at Ranakpur. Mountbatten Lodge, an elegant four-suite refuge hidden in a ruggedly picturesque valley bordered by the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. It is adjacent to two of the country’s most important historical sites: the legendary Ranakpur Jain Temples and the imposing Kumbhalgarh Fort, famous for having the second longest wall after the great wall of China.

Day 13: Ranakpur offers immersive experiences in the wilderness of Aravalli. Riding paths on horseback to explore the countryside while camping in the wild. Car safaris into the Aravalli to see the shimmering sunsets are memorable. Travel through the tiny hamlets surrounding the lodge for a connection with the locals.

ACCOMMODATION: Mountbatten Lodge
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Rajasthan Unexplored - India Custom Tour



Depart from Ranakpur to the nearest airport. A 2-hour drive takes you to the airport in Udaipur.

Breakfast at Hotel

  • 13 nights of accommodation (luxury tents, boutique hotels, historical hotels)
  • Private transfers and transport
  • All activities/ entrance fees/ wildlife programmes, etc as per itinerary
  • Local guides with English-speaking guides for excursions
  • All meals as mentioned
  • All taxes

Tour Exclusions

  • International Flights (can be arranged through us
  • Mandatory travel medical insurance and optional cancellation insurance (can be arranged through us
  • Visa Fees to enter India
  • Beverages not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Items of personal nature
  • Services and entrances not mentioned above
  • Passport, COVID Tests, and vaccinations
  • Tips/Gratuities for guides, housekeeping, service staff, drivers, etc.


PLEASE NOTE: This itinerary is subject to change. Although we always do our best to stick to the itinerary, due to the ever-changing nature of Mother Nature, activities, hotels, and visits are subject to change due to forces beyond our control.

FLIGHTS: Please do not purchase your flights until this tour is confirmed.

PASSPORTS: Must be valid for at least 6 months upon return date to your home country. Proper documentation is the responsibility of each traveller.

VISAS & VACCINATIONS: Responsibility of the traveller. VISAS (responsibility of the traveller) – Many nationalities do need a visa to enter Nepal.

Date: Custom Departure available upon request
Prices from: $4195 USD per participant based on Double / Twin accommodation
*Please note, that the hotels and routing of this tour can be altered to best suit your needs. Prices may vary.

Travel Insurance

Cancellation, Travel, Flight, and Health insurance are required and are the responsibility of the participant to research and secure the appropriate coverage. Click HERE for a Travel Insurance Quote or please email for a quote.

Check with your local travel agent /insurance provider/health plan for advice about traveling overseas.

Waiver Form

All participants will be required to sign a Waiver Form prior to departure.

Recommended Stays:

Ramathra Fort

The Ramathra Fort, perched high above Kalisil Lake, affords breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding hills and idyllic landscape. The expansive rustic vista is dotted with charming hamlets. The lake itself teems with waterfowl and serves as a wintering place for ducks, storks, and cormorants. Travelers can witness a variety of bird species all year round though, including resident waterfowl, kingfishers, Saras cranes, stilts, and herons, among others. The fort’s perimeter is fortified by a high wall topped by parapets with extensive ramparts. Traditional building methods and local craftspeople are being used to rebuild elements of the palace’s multi-storey structure. Despite their simplicity, embellished elements such as stone lattices and a painted ceiling add a feminine touch to the fort which was meant to serve as a citadel for troubled times.

With its lonely gorges and secret shrines, the enormous Daang plateau stretches east to the Chambal River valley and as far south as Ranthambhore, offering a plethora of incredible views. Several species of deer can be found in the area, including blue bulls. Leopards, wolves, and jackals are the predators that prowl these lands.


Shahpura Bagh

Shahpura Bagh’s mission is to provide guests with an authentic Rajasthani homestay. The epitome of slow living and slow travel, the glorious summers are filled with boating on the lakes, fishing and picnicking, and sundowners to savor the end of yet another good day. The nearby marshes are a birdwatcher’s dream, enticing even the uninformed, as rambling walks turn into inspired safaris in the flapping of a beckoning wing. Exclusive 11 Luxury Suites on the 45-acre working farm estate, flanked by two lakes, with trees of Neem, Ashoka, Peepal, and Mango in abundance, makes Shahpura Bagh a verdant haven. Cows and peacocks coexist peacefully in the Bagh, while the occasional blue bull and jackal scurry through the woods in search of their prey.


RAAS Chhatrasagar

RAAS Chhatrasagar is located just two hours from Jodhpur, on the dam of a reservoir, where local lords and rulers hosted guests in elegant, tented camps and savored the pristine environment, birdlife, and vast skies of this part of Rajasthan.

After an extensive renovation, this upscale tented camp reopened in 2019. As opposed to the temporary camps created by Thakur Chhatra Singh in 1890 for festivities, these modern tents are more stable. There are 16 luxury tents including four family tents. This is one of the few camps in India that is open year-round since the buildings are sound-proofed and equipped with air conditioning and heating. In order to provide privacy, shade, and extended vistas over a terrain that appears to have never been inhabited, each tent has a terraced “sit out” built into it. The gentle colors, locally woven textiles, Jodhpur stone, teak furniture, and skylights are all part of the understated grandeur.

The organic garden at the camp provides plenty of fresh produce for the cook. Curries, Rajasthani specialties, Italian classics, and barbecues from across the world can all be found here, as well as traditional Indian and international fare. Located just adjacent to Lake Chattra Sagar, the restaurant is open all day. You may eat in your tent or beside the pool if you choose. The cocktail menu at the restaurant’s bar features a variety of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages with herbal infusions.

An Ayurvedic spa and heated swimming pool have been added to this newly renovated camp, but the attention on enjoying and appreciating an unspoilt countryside remains. In addition, there are other eco-friendly amenities at the camp. Every employee is local, the wastewater is recycled, and there is no plastic anywhere.


SUJAN Sher Bagh

Sher Bagh brings back memories of a time when life on safari was admired for its art de Vivre, living truly luxuriously beneath the canvas. The camp’s star-studded campfires, delicious Anglo-Indian repasts, and old-world service epitomize the safari experience.

With 12 tented suites, kitted out with custom-made campaign furniture and accoutrements, include two resplendent suites, each a celebration of elegance. Attention to detail and impeccable service reaches every aspect. SUJAN’s founding vision is clear, Sher Bagh is where stories are told, friends are made, and memories are recalled around the campfire. 


Chanoud Garh

Chanoud Garh is a sanctuary in the golden sands of the Thar desert. It is a 300-year-old fort-palace that combines modern amenities with imperial aesthetics. Chanoud Garh is a beautiful palace steeped in history. It has been carefully restored and transformed into a beautiful heritage hotel, it shines forth as a beacon of the famed Rajput hospitality and bespoke experiences. Seamlessly combining the architectural styles of Mewar, Marwar and the British, this gargantuan Fort Hotel is a destination in itself.



Amongst awe-inspiring granite rock formations – a billion-year-old, leopards roam wild and free, coexisting comfortably with the charismatic communities of Rabari shepherds. This is the setting of SUJÁN JAWAI. 

Set in a dramatic wilderness, the camp celebrates the expansive outdoors with verve. Create memories of unforgettable days in the wild, tracking leopards and more. An eclectic blend of classy and consciousness, SUJAN Jawai is one of the better places to discover Rajasthan’s most enchanting and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. A walk with the ever-pleasant Rabari herdsmen is a great chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and gain insight into some of the exceptional conservation and community projects.


Mountbatten Lodge  

Mountbatten Lodge, with just four suites hidden among the craggy Aravalis, was inspired by a famous legend that Lord Mountbatten once tented here. It was designed to express the love of the outdoors without sacrificing room or elegance, signature English. With a colonial Indian mentality, spacious areas under the sun, tastefully laid out dinners with liveried waiters in attendance evoke a languid impression of being pampered as in the days of the Raj.

Mountbatten Lodge, perfectly located en-route between Udaipur and Ranakpur or to make it your private paradise to revel with friends and family, offers activities such as riding, sunset safaris, leopard tracking, and treks to Kumbhalgarh, and the enticing Jazz sessions at the main lodge. The Lodge is an excellent starting point for seeing little villages and communities nestled deep within this hilly landscape; riders can ride horses or hike through a few miles of woodlands studded with brief villages. Ranakpur is an explorer’s delight, with clean state roads cutting through gently rising hills with woods on both sides, and small, intriguing settlements and pleasant country residents.


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