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Colombia Yoga Tour


Colombia seems otherworldly with its astonishing diversity, surreal landscapes, and mystic qualities. Here at the equator, with the sun forever overhead, the fertile earth beneath your feet, astonishing vistas in every direction and the warmth of the locals putting you at ease – you may find it difficult to leave. Colombia provides the ideal setting for our 13 day yoga tour.

On this Colombia Yoga Tour we have a chance to travel inwards through daily yoga practice, while you adventure outwards through three unique regions in beautiful Colombia, dubbed the land of ‘magical realism’, and home to the Amazon, the ‘lungs of our planet’. We will work our way through the framework of the chakra system with daily asana practice. This is a unique opportunity to explore inner and outer landscapes! Sustainable tourism practices are very important to us so we endeavour to support small local businesses and communities.


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Highlights Include:

  • Participating in daily yoga classes that dovetail with the geographic locale & the itinerary of each particular day with 500 hour certified yoga instructor Amanda Gutmanis
  • Exploring 3 diverse regions of Colombia: Coffee Region, Andean Highlands & Pacific Coast
  • Supporting & learning about local cultures & traditions firsthand
  • Meditation, mantra & asana on isolated beaches, hilltops, & in forests
  • Sampling Colombia’s fresh local cuisine
  • Hiking, snorkeling, swimming, & canoeing in Colombia’s unique landscapes

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Day 1: Medellin Arrival

Upon arrival to Medellin’s International Airport “José María Córdoba“ you’ll be picked up and brought you to your accommodation in Medellin. Your hotel is located close to the so-called “Zona Rosa” where we find lots of restaurants and bars. For those of you interested in a city-tour in Medellin, we take you around the city in the afternoon. The Medellin-City-Tour starts at the Pueblito Paisa, a replica of a historic Paisa village, on the Cerro Nutibara. From here you can enjoy a stunning view over the city.Our next destination is downtown and its historical center. On the way to it we make a stop to watch and listen to local musicians and the traditional Guasca music while visiting the Parque Berrio. We continue by visiting the famous Plaza Botero, which offers an extensive exhibition of the Colombian artist Fernando Botero, whose sculptures have become a landmark of the city.

Afterwards the tour goes on by taking the Metro Cable up to Santo Domingo, which was once a notorious area of gang violence in Medellin. The cable car was constructed to make the inner city more accessible to people from the outskirts. This will be a culturally sensitive & respectful engagement in order to gain appreciation for global economic disparity. While enjoying the spectacular view you learn more about the transformation of Medellin from one of the most dangerous cities in the world into a fascinating melting pot of cultures with possibly the friendliest and warmest people in the world.

Yoga Practice: “Landing” Opening circle, 60 minute morning grounding/stretching practice to work out travel stiffness.

Overnight: Medellin Hotel Boutique “La Campana“ (or similar)
Meals: Dinner(or similar)

Days 2-5: Colombia’s Coffee Region – Southwestern Antioquia

Southwest Antioquia – full of green valleys, mountains and rivers – is one of Colombia’s most beautiful landscapes. Far away from mass tourism, one of the most important regions of coffee cultivation in the country is located here. Discover hidden falls, mysterious cloud forests and an untouched world of idyllic mountain villages where time seems to stand still. Explore the region through unpaved roads and immerse into the traditional life of the local peasants. Hike on pre-Hispanic paths through Andean cloud forests full of orchids, bromeliads and colourful tropical birds. Marvel at villages, nestled in the green hills, and learn everything about coffee and artisanal chocolate production, from the plant to your cup.Yoga Practices Days 2-5 “Shakti Sessions” in the sanctuary of the valley, exploring the tangible and the manifest.

Day 2: Through Southwest Antioquia to the Tropical Cauca Valley

Our journey takes us first to the tiny village of Fredonia, where we experience the Paisa culture with a visit to the traditional coffee farm “La Cima”. Here we will learn a lot about this typical Colombian product “…from the plant to your cup!” In the afternoon we travel through amazing landscapes down to the valley of the Cauca River where we meet artisanal gold miners and get an insight on their daily work.Afterwards we reach the idyllic finca Guacarí where we spend the coming nights. Relax at the swimming pool with spectacular views over the vast fertile Cauca Valley.

Yoga Practice: “Muladhara Roots” 60 minute evening practice with a focus on foundation

Overnight: Finca Guacari
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Cloud Forest Hike

On this day we go hiking in the mysterious cloud forests in the San Antonio nature reserve located in the mountains above Tamesis. A pre-Hispanic stone path will take us higher and higher into the impressive mountain rainforest. An experienced guide will show us waterfalls hidden behind rocks, underground rivers, caves, and the most spectacular viewpoints. We spend the night at the finca in Tamesis again.Yoga Practice: “Swadhistana – Flow ” 60 minute morning practice with a focus on hip openers; a short outdoor soundscape meditation in the forest.

Overnight: Finca Guacari
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Day of Meditation and Yoga

Today we take it easy and recharge our batteries in this incredible location through yoga and meditation practices. You may choose to just relax and enjoy the positive vibe of the finca.Yoga Practice: “Manipura – Digesting Experience” Morning mantra, followed by a 90 minutes vinyasa practice with a focus on twists. Questions for journaling. Afternoon break, then evening body-based meditation & pranayama.

Overnight: Finca Guacari
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5: Organic Chocolate Farm and Return to Medellin

After breakfast we have the opportunity to visit an organic cacao farm. Who doesn’t love chocolate?! The young highly motivated farmer Yamid changed the small chocolate farm of his family into an organic farm. After participating in a workshop, we have a chance to make our own chocolate. Cacao is one the most important agricultural products in Colombia and we will get lots of amazing information about its history and culture. In the afternoon we start our trip back to Medellin.Yoga Practice: “The Senses as an Anchor into the Moment”: 60 minute evening practice.

Overnight: Medellin Hotel Boutique “La Campana“
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Days 6-8: Colombia’s Andean Highlands – Páramo of Belmira

The Páramo of Belmira represents one of last unspoiled high Andean ecosystems and is located just 4 hours north of Medellín. The Colombian Páramo are high mountain habitats just above the forest line and below permanent snowline. According to scientists, páramos may be “evolutionary hot spots” and among the fastest evolving regions that exist. They can only be found in the Andean highlands of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Due to the remote location the Belmira Páramo, it has been relatively untouched. Belmira is very new to tourism, and so far sees only a handful of mountain lovers each year. We are extremely fortunate to explore this pristine region.Yoga Practices Days 6-8: “Shiva Sessions” up high in the hills, exploring the intangible and the potential.

Day 6: Travel to the Páramo of Belmira

Early this morning we start our journey into the northern highlands on Antioquia. Our first stop is the charming mountain village of Belmira, which is located at 2450m above sea level and surrounded by lush green mountains. After getting used to the altitude, we start hiking up to nature reserve of the high plains. Late afternoon we arrive at the park’s Visitors Centre and Administration building where we will spend the next two nights.Yoga Practice: “Sahasrara – Communion” 60 minute evening practice with inversions.

Overnight: Centro de Visitantes – Páramo de Belmira
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7: Exploring the Paramo Ecosystem

Today an experienced park ranger will guide us around the Páramo. This unique ecosystem is responsible for Colombia’s water supply. At an altitude between 2450m to 3500m, a swamp like soil stores huge amounts of water and give birth to countless small Andean rivers. Over thousands of years, this environment has evolved unique flora and fauna, making the Colombian Páramos a refuge for a huge number of endemic species.Yoga Practice: “Ajna: Inner Vision” 60 minute evening practice followed by guided meditation and pranayama for altitude.

Overnight: Centro de Visitantes – Páramo de Belmira
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8: From the Andean Highlands to the City of Medellin

After breakfast we start our hike back to the village of Belmira where we will have a typical lunch before we travel back to Medellin. On our trip through the highlands we will pause at some amazing viewpoints and say good-bye to the Colombian Andes. In the early evening we arrive at the hotel in Medellin.Tonight you have the evening to explore lively Medellin.

Yoga Practice:”Visuddha – Expression” 60 minute morning practice with mantra.

Overnight: Medellin Hotel Boutique “La Campana“
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Days 9-13: Colombia’s Pacific Coast

Explore the cultural and ecological diversity of the Colombian Pacific region. Enjoy breathtaking views of the evergreen rainforest from a small Cessna plane and the tropical coastline from the boat taking us to the idyllic beaches of Nuqui. Experience the astounding biodiversity of the Chocó region.We have the opportunity to observe monkeys and toucans while hiking through tropical jungle with our guide. Discover the unique mangrove forests from a traditional canoe and relax in the hot springs near the beach. There will be opportunities for snorkeling, swimming, surfing, in addition to learning about the traditional lifestyle of the local population. Crystal clear waterfalls and endless sandy beaches entice us to explore.

Our visit to this region supports the Chocó Community Tourism Alliance, an organization formed by four Afro-Colombian settlements to integrate the local population more into eco- and cultural tourism in the region. This trip is the perfect mixture of active as well as relaxing elements and guarantees an unforgettable Colombian experience.

Yoga Practices Day 9-13: “Residing in the Heart” – by the sea, exploring the living edge of intention & capacity

Accommodation: Eco-Lodge

Day 9: The Pacific Ocean & the Beaches of Nuquí

In the morning we take a small plane to the remote village of Nuquí located at Colombia’s unspoiled Pacific Coast. Our guide will meet us and bring us by boat to our accommodation, La Joviceña. The eco-lodge is located at Guachalito, half an hour down the coast from Nuquí. On the way we enjoy the incredible landscapes where the mountains full of lush tropical rainforest descent to the sea. After a fresh lunch we have time enjoy a free afternoon on the beach of Guachalito, to snorkel, swim or just relax in a hammock.Yoga Practice: “Uniting Breath & Movement” 60 minute afternoon practice

Overnight: Eco-Lodge
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 10: Canoe Ride through Pristine Mangrove Forest

After breakfast we will go by boat to the community of Joví, ten minutes from Guachalito. Here we meet a local guide who will provide us with some information about the surroundings, before boarding a chingo, an artisanal canoe. We travel by chingo up the Joví River, a shallow, slow moving river where we can see birds and other animals. After an hour we arrive at a stunning waterfall in the rainforest where we can take a dip in the crystal-clear water in the middle of the jungle. Return by chingo to Joví for lunch.After lunch we will travel by boat to the neighbouring community of Coquí, where another local guide will bring us by chingo through some of the best-preserved mangroves in Colombia. Here we’ll spot rare birds and tropical plants with medicinal purposes. After the tour we will return by boat to our accommodation for another evening on the beach.

Yoga Practice: “Inquiry Inwards” 60 minute evening practice followed by candlelight/fire meditation on the beach.

Overnight: Eco-Lodge
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 11: Hot Springs & Hike through Tropical Rainforest

Today we travel by boat a short distance by boat to Termales, a small community to the south of Guachalito. Upon arrival in Termales, our guide provides us with tall rubber boots for hiking in the rainforest. We depart from Termales on a trail through the Chocó jungle. During this hike, we will have the opportunity to see birds, monkeys, and possibly poisonous frogs. As we make your way through the jungle, our guide will point out medicinal plants and explain their traditional uses. Our reward lies at the end of the trail, a picturesque waterfall, which forms a wide, deep pool where we can swim. After relaxing in the waterfall for a bit we return to the community of Termales. At the bottom of the trail is a natural hot spring, for which the town is named. We soak in the healing waters of the hot springs and enjoy a cold beverage.Yoga Practice: “Vitality Vinyasa” 60 minute morning practice with invigorating pranayama.

Overnight: Eco-Lodge
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 12: Guachalito Beach

Today is time to relax. Enjoy leisure time or yoga and meditation activities on the beach or in the tropical forest. Today is a day to truly appreciate the remoteness of the region and its lonesome beaches. There are plenty of other activities to participate in if you have energy to burn!We dine together for our final supper and reflect on our journey through Colombia.

Yoga Practice: “Anahata; Wholehearted” Morning mantra, followed by a 90 minute back-bending vinyasa practice; short exercise on creating daily rituals; afternoon break; evening guided interdependence meditation followed by closing ceremony.

Overnight: Eco-Lodge
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 13: Departure Day

After a morning practice, we depart for Nuquí by boat to connect to our flight in the early afternoon from Nuquí to Medellín. This marks the end our journey together.Yoga Practice: “Taking Off” some takeaway journaling questions and stretches for the airplane.

Meals: Breakfast

If you would like to continuing exploring Colombia, we’d be happy to help you choose where to travel. Thank you for travelling with Finisterra!

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Instructor: Amanda Gutmanis

Amanda Gutmanis (500 hr certified) teaches in Vancouver (BC) at YYoga & Unity Yoga.

Leading a dynamic yet steady vinyasa class, Amanda blends creative sequencing with bio-mechanical awareness, and a reverence for the inner dimensions of practice. Her aim is to move you in a vigorous way, creating more space between the thoughts, and leaving you more deeply anchored in your heart after practice. As an avid reader, perpetual student and shameless pun maker, she love words dearly, yet gladly sets them on the back burner for her practice to get absorbed instead in breath and sensation. Seeing yoga as a tangible reminder of the inherent interconnection of body, mind & spirit, and loving the interplay between the layers that takes place on the mat; she hopes to guide others through movement towards that spacious field of alertness underneath the thoughts.

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Medellin: Hotel Boutique “La Campagna”
Coffee Region: Fina Gucari
Highlands: Centro Visitantes – Páramo de Belmira
Pacific Coast: Jovisena or Mar y Rio

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Tour Inclusions:

  • 12 nights hotel/guesthouse/lodge accommodation
  • All transportation as per itinerary (boats, private vehicles, canoes) including internal flights (to/from Nuqui)
  • Services of a Canadian Tour Leader (24/7)
  • Activities specified in the itinerary
  • Services of local guide for sightseeing tours
  • Meals as specified (12 breakfast, 11 lunches, 10 dinners)
  • Daily Yoga Practice & Meditation by Certified Yoga Instructor (Amanda Gutmanis)
  • All entrances and activities as per itinerary
  • All tips for local guides, restaurant staff at included meals, drivers, boat captains, porters
  • All applicable taxes

Tour Exclusions:

  • International flights to Medellin, Colombia
  • Services not specified, meals not specified
  • Alcoholic beverages, other beverages
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Mandatory travel insurance & optional trip cancellation insurance
  • Tips for housekeeping staff, servers at meals on own, tour leader
  • Departure taxes (domestic and international if applicable)
  • Airport transfers for international flights
  • Yoga mat

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