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    The jewel of South America, Peru will send your camera into overdrive with its jaw-dropping terrain, colourful markets, white-washed cities, forgotten temples entangled in jungle vines, and massive archaeological complexes. The ancient citadel of Machu Picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders of the world…click through the Finisterra Peru Photo Blog below to find out why!


      You’ve landed in a foreign land, stepped off the plane and are immediately bombarded with sounds, sights, and smells that are exotic, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming. Armed with your trusty guide book in hand, you walk the gauntlet of cabbies vying for your attention and shouting prices at you – welcome to your first haggling experience. For many travellers, haggling or bartering can be an intimidating and often frustrating experience as most of us are from countries where the sticker price is the actual price without question. In many parts of the world, virtually all prices can be negotiated – trinkets, taxis, clothing, excursions, and even accommodation can all be bartered over. Haggling is culturally ingrained in many societies and is expected by foreigners and locals alike. A fine balance of finesse, patience and humour are essential to master the art of haggling. Here are some tips to help you fine-tune your haggling skills. First thing is first, you need to set a benchmark price for whatever it is that you are bartering for. Whether it is a taxi from the airport or a wooden trinket at the market, make sure you ask at least 3 vendors their price so that you have an idea. Of course make sure you know the exchange rate before you start any bartering so that you aren’t offending or overpaying ( Brush up on you local language skills. If you speak the local language (at least the basics), you are going to get a… Read More »HOW TO BARTER WITH THE BEST OF THEM