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Travel with a Sustainable Twist

    A few days ago Rob came back from an amazing trip to Nepal, where he travelled with donors and board members of Vancouver-based charity organization Seva Canada ( The Seva group travelled to Nepal to witness the impact that their efforts with have had on the remote Nepali communities, and to explore this beautiful country.

    That, in a way, made us reflect upon our impact when travelling. The need to protect our planet is almost unavoidable these days when environmental awareness is, I would dare to say, at its peak. However, the fact is that environmental awareness is manifesting in a new type of traveller – an environmentally conscious one. Nowadays many people, including myself, are looking for environmentally friendly products. Moreover, many people are looking for sustainable accommodation or green hotels when travelling, since they are aware of the negative impacts that the hotel industry can have on the environment. We are happy to say that from Finisterra’s very beginning in 2011, we have been aware of the need to be environmentally responsible when travelling. Supporting local communities is one of the core values of our company, and we are looking to encourage and promote that kind of behaviour in every group that travels with us. One of the things that we are looking for, is to stay at a green hotels whenever we can.

    When thinking about the environment, and the need for its protection, we have to understand that tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. When trying to learn a bit more about this segment of tourism industry, we found that hotels, as its most important segment, are using significant amounts of natural resources. Increased pollution and governmental regulations are just some of the reasons why many hoteliers are “going green”. Moreover, by greening their operations, hotels can improve their image, attract new, environmentally conscious guests, and reduce their operational costs. In case you are wondering what “going green” means, it refers to every action taken with a goal of lessening the negative impact on the environment. And yes, in Finisterra we believe that every small step counts! That is the reason why we are trying to support local communities and stay in green, locally-owned hotels whenever possible.

    Now, that is when Nepal comes back into story again. What I had in mind, when I first mentioned Rob’s visit to Nepal, was an eco-resort that we had the chance to stay at near Bardia National Park. It’s built from locally collected natural materials and the food they prepare is from their own garden, or from local suppliers. It was awesome to be supporting the local economy! Not to mention numerous trekking trails, options for kayaking, rafting, meditation, yoga and maybe most important – the natural beauty of rural Nepal. We are now in love with this place, and were amazed with possibility to invest in local community, while enjoying fresh air, viewing wildlife, and eating locally-sourced healthy food. Staying in a responsible eco-resort such as this one, was a great way to recharge your own batteries, while minimizing our impact on Nepal’s delicate environment.

    Love, Team Finisterra!

    Written by Ivona Bucan – Intern Extraordinaire

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