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Egypt Tour – Nile Adventure


Egypt enchants visitors with its mighty Nile and ancient monuments, the beguiling desert and lush delta. An ancient civilization that carved its face into stone for the world to ponder at. Most travellers are drawn to Egypt’s mysteries: the ancient face of a Sphinx, the erection of the largest stone monuments on earth, and mummies wrapped and carefully preserved. Even with all there is to see, it is the Egyptians themselves that leave the most lasting impression.

Come witness the majesty of the Nile Valley on this Egypt Tour as we sail along the Nile in a dahabya witnessing rural life along its banks. Spend 5 nights aboard a private sailboat as we explore villages, ride camels and marveling at colossal monuments and extravagant tombs along the way. Experience Egypt on unique adventure along the Nile.

Contact us for a curated adventure to this incredible part of the world. Looking for a different kind of experience? No problem, we are happy to create a unique adventure to Egypt just for you.


[vc_row][vc_column][trx_section][vc_tta_tabs][vc_tta_section title=”Highlights” tab_id=”1449208778331-f30d2fa3-c18c”][vc_column_text]Highlights include:

  • Sailing along the Nile in a Dabahbya Sailboat
  • Exploring the Pyramids of Giza – Ancient Wonders of the World
  • Meeting fascinating locals and sampling wonderful local cuisine
  • Visiting some of the world’s most amazing ancient monuments such as Abu Simbel & Karnak Temple
  • Witnessing rural Egyptian life on this Nile Adventure
  • Learning about Egyptian history from Egyptologists

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Day 1 – Cairo, Egypt
Welcome to Egypt! Although the modern city was founded in 968 by the Fatimid dynasty, Cairo has been a strategic capital for thousands of years as the ancient city of Memphis. Today, it is a bewildering mix of scents, sights, and traffic. Situated near some of the worlds grandest monuments, it is the largest city in the Muslim world and the sixteenth largest city on earth.

Upon arrival to Cairo International Airport, travellers will be met by the Tour Representative and will be transferred by private vehicle to the hotel.

Overnight: JW Marriott Mena House Hotel, Cairo
Meals: -/-/-

Day 2 – The Pyramids of Giza
After breakfast at your garden-ensconced hotel, you depart on foot for a 2 to 3 hour walk that includes an entry into one of the three Pyramids of the Giza. The complex is composed of the Great Pyramid or the Pyramid of Cheops, the somewhat smaller Pyramid of Khafre, and the smaller Pyramid of Menkaure.

The Great Pyramid is the oldest of the three, completed around 2570 BC, and the one remaining “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.” Facing east and to the east of the pyramids lies the Sphinx, thought to be a likeness of the Pharaoh Khafre. Also part of the itinerary is the Funeral Barque Museum, which holds the “barques” or boats that ferried the mummies of the dead pharaohs across the Nile to the pyramid tombs. Your Egyptologist guide provides a thorough explanation of the monuments’ history and construction, as well as the many theories on their spiritual significance and astronomical alignment. From the Great Pyramid you walk past the Pyramid of Menkaure, and continue on to a comprehensive viewpoint on all three.

We finish our epic day gazing at the face of the mysterious Sphinx. As the world’s largest and oldest monolithic statue, it remains a mystery as to who was the model, what the statue’s purpose was, and when exactly it was carved. Lunch is a short drive away at a favourite local restaurant, which specializes in perfectly roasted chicken, salads, hummus, and clay-oven baked bread.

This afternoon is yours to design with an array of choices to enjoy at your own pace. A perfect spot for relaxation, your hotel’s amenities include an inviting pool set in luxuriant jasmine gardens overlooking the Pyramids, tennis courts, a golf course, horse and camel stables, and a fitness centre and jogging track (massage, tennis, golf, and riding not included in the tour cost). You can take advantage of these facilities, and perhaps combine them with a return trip to the Pyramids, at your own pace, in order to further take advantage of your proximity to these magnificent monuments.

Overnight: JW Marriott Mena House Hotel, Cairo
Meals: B/L/-

Day 3 – Cairo City Explorations
The day is devoted to an exploration of Cairo-historic monuments, cultural facets, and antique treasures. After breakfast you transfer to one of Cairo’s most important sites, the Citadel of Saladin, a sprawling fortified complex of palaces and mosques set on an escarpment on the city’s eastern edge. Construction by the ruler Saladin started in 1176 as a defense against the Crusaders, and expanded over the centuries by the subsequent ruling Mamluks and Ottomans. At the summit of the Citadel you enter the Mosque of Mohammed Ali, built in the mid-19th century, which dominates the city’s skyline.

Descending from the Citadel, you proceed to the Northern Cemetery, known as the City of the Dead, a vast necropolis area with fascinating architecture dating from the 14th
century, which is also an urban neighbourhood. The cemetery is at the edge of Islamic Cairo, the district at the city’s heart where bustling contemporary life unfolds effortlessly against a backdrop of historic mosques, medieval facades, and the thriving Khan el Khalili market. Your local guide leads you expertly through the narrow streets and the colourful bazaar where herbs and spices, tempting fruits, and overflowing market stalls selling everything imaginable are shared by pedestrians, laden donkeys, and delivery vans. While the market is frequented by tourists, it is an authentic part of Cairo life and has been in operation since the 14th century.

Time permitting, you may make a stop at the 17th-century Ottoman Al Suhaymi house, a beautifully restored wealthy merchant’s home where shaded inner courtyards, balconies, and splashing fountains kept it naturally cool through the hot summer. Ready for a break, you reach your lunch stop at the Naguib Mahfouz restaurant in the heart of Khan el Khalili, named for the famous Egyptian author. A calm oasis, the menu may include a variety of Middle Eastern mezze or appetizers (babaganoush, hummus, fresh bread) followed by grilled lamb or chicken kabobs and accompanied by fresh mango or other juices. A fitting dessert might be the famous “Om Ali,” a luscious combination of puff pastry, milk, and nuts, named after the first wife of the sultan Ezz El Din Aybek.

After lunch, a short drive brings you to the Egyptian Museum, home to the greatest collection—more than 120,000 objects—of Egyptian antiquities. Designed at the turn of
the century by a French architect, the building’s exhibitions are distributed over two floors, and include the treasures of Tutankhamen (or King Tut) with its infamous Gold Mask as well as the royal mummy collection. Your knowledgeable guides are at hand to navigate you through the seemingly limitless rooms until the museum’s closing time. About an hour’s drive returns you to your hotel retreat.

Overnight: JW Marriott Mena House Hotel, Cairo
Meals: B/L/-

Day 4 – Travel to Luxor
This morning we bid farewell to our home in Cairo and fly for one hour to the southern city of Luxor, arriving in time for lunch. Afterwards we head to our hotel for check in and rest for few hours before exploring the attraction of Luxor by night.

In late afternoon, we head towards the Temple of Luxor, a very well-lit temple at night. This magnificent structure was erected by several Pharaohs celebrating the glory of Thebes, the ancient name of Luxor, the capital of an empire back in the age.

From Luxor Temple, we cross the street to join the locals of the city in a busy café for pre-dinner drinks. Alcohol is not served in local cafes, so we will enjoy the local hot and cold drinks available. Dinner comes soon after we finish our mingling time in a nearby local restaurant.

Finally we call it a day and drive back to our hotel overlooking the Nile.

Overnight : Sonesta St. George, Luxor
Meals: B/L/D

Day 5 – Valley of the Kings
This morning you head to the West Bank of Luxor for some impressive visits. We commence the journey at the Valley of the Kings, the burial ground of the Empire Era. The Valley of the Kings was the burial place of choice for Egypt’s Pharaohs for over 500 years. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the valley is home to many rock cut tombs that were once filled with treasures. However, the tombs still preserve the colours decorating their walls from 3500 years ago. Your Egyptologist will explain in great detail what these pieces of art mean and how the Ancient Egyptians had imagined the underworld. It was all represented by carvings on the walls.

In the late morning you drive the short distance to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, ancient Egypt’s only female pharaoh who ruled for 15 years from 1473 to 1458. A series of terraces rises and blends with limestone cliffs to create one of the most striking monuments in the country. After a brief exploration, you continue on to Dier El Madina, the burial site and the village of the workmen who cut the tombs thousands of years ago. The site has so many stories about their life and the well preserved colourful scenes on their tombs are amazing to look at. After a walking tour around the site, you make your way along quiet streets to the Colossi of Memnon, a gigantic pair of statues that rise about 50 feet over the West Bank’s plain built by Amenhotep III as a funerary temple.

A favourite restaurant along the Nile is a perfect lunch and rest stop. Returning to the hotel in the late afternoon, the remainder of the day and evening are yours to enjoy on your own.

Overnight : Sonesta St. George, Luxor
Meals: B/L/-

Day 6 – Karnak Temple – Dahabya Sail Boat
Check out after breakfast and drive to Karnak Temple, the most grand of Egyptian temples and once the largest colonnaded space on the planet. The home of the god Amun-Ra, Karnak was built by over 30 pharaohs as the premier Egyptian temple. It contains a myriad of decaying temples and sculptures with the highlight being the Hypostyle Hall consisting of 134 massive columns over 10 metres high (33 ft) and 3 (10ft) meters wide. The temple is also home to a massive obelisk, standing 29 metres tall (96ft) and weighing 138 tones. This amazing structure was built over the span of 2000 years. On this tour, you will know more about the genius methods of Ancient Egyptian builders and architects, pylons & obelisks stand witness to the ancients genius.

Afterwards we bid farewell to Luxor as we drive south for an hour to join our home for the next 5 days, The Dahabya, an imitation of traditional 19th century sail boat.
Just before we board the boat, we will stop by the nearby Esna Temple dating back to 200 BCE. This little temple had been covered by sand over the centuries that it stands sunken in the middle of the town center. A long stairway takes down to the temple ground where your Egyptologist will narrate for you the history of Esna Temple.
At the conclusion of this tour, we cross the street to join our boat.

Upon boarding the boat, lunch will be served on deck. This is a memorable moment as you sail on the calm waters of the Nile gazing at cultivated fields and an amazing unspoiled landscape.

Shortly before sunset, we will go on our first Nile adventure. A walk through corn & sugar cane cultivated fields will take us to the village of El Higz. We will have the chance to know some aspects of rural life in the little village after visiting a local home.

Overnight: Dahabya Sailboat, El Higz
Meals: B/L/D

Day 7 – Sailing the Nile – Edfu Temple
A relaxed morning while sailing south towards the town on Edfu. This morning you will enjoy breakfast on top deck while gazing at the Nile scenery.

After lunch aboard our boat, you will visit the well preserved temple of Edfu, dedicated to the Falcon God, Horus. It stands as the most in-tact ancient temple in Egypt, and many of its columns and roofs still bear the original paint that once covered the entire monument. This magnificent structure dates back to 200 BCE and we reach the temple by using the local transportation of the town, horse-drawn carriages.

After a 3 hours long visit, we head back to the boat and continue sailing south.

Overnight: Dahabya Sailboat
Meals: B/L/D

Day 8 – Sailing the Nile – Silsila
After breakfast, we start a morning full of cultural connection with a local family living in a traditional house overlooking the Nile. We will visit the family home, get to know more about their lives and see their livestock. We also have the chance to work in the filed if time permitting and you are ready for a hands-on adventure.

We return back to the boat for a short sailing time, just enough to have lunch then we depart again to visit the ancient sandstone quarries of Silsila.
This evening, we might have the chance for a dinner ashore if weather and local conditions are permitting.

Overnight: Dahabya Sailboat
Meals: B/L/D

Day 9 – Sailing the Nile – Community Walk & Kom Ombo
Another great morning of immersing ourselves in local culture. After breakfast we depart on a walk to explore the town of Faris. Here we will get to see the palm box makers, a local craft that we try to keep surviving by supporting the community with our visits.

We return to boat and continue sailing south towards Kom Ombo.
After lunch, we visit the temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to eh Crocodile God Sobek & the Falcon God Horus. In this location, we will also see mummified crocodiles.
Back on board and sail to Daraw where we spent the overnight.

Overnight: Dahabya Sailboat – Daraw
Meals: B/L/D

Day 10 – Sailing the Nile – Camel Barn
After breakfast we hit the road to visit the town of Daraw. This is the camel trading center in Upper Egypt, the 40 days Camel Trail from Sudan to Egypt ends in this town. A weekly market is held where camels and other livestock is offered for sale.

We will either visit the camel market, if we are at the right day of the week, or visit a camel barn.
We head back to the boat where we will continue sailing further south arriving in Aswan in late afternoon and dock close to the city this evening.

Overnight: Dahabya Sailboat – Aswan
Meals: B/L/D

Day 11 – Abu Simbel
We check out after breakfast and start our 3.5 hours’ drive south towards Abu Simbel, the town where a great temple for Ramses II was cut out of the rock 3300 years ago.
Upon arrival to Abu Simbel, we check in at Abu Simbel Eco Lodge where we will have lunch.

After a relaxed few hours in the Eco lodge, we head to the Temples of Abu Simbel where we have our guided tour. We remain in the temple grounds for the sound & light show. A spectacular show narrating the story of Abu Simbel, Nubia and the salvation of these two temples from the rising waters of Lake Nasser in the 1960s.

At the conclusion of the show, we drive back to Eco lodge for dinner & overnight.

Overnight: Abu Simbel Eco Lodge
Meals: B/L/D

Day 12 – Aswan – High Dam
Check out after breakfast and we drive back to the city of Aswan.
Upon arrival, we dine in a local restaurant overlooking the river before we head to our hotel for check in. Along the way, we visit the impressive Aswan High Dam which which was built in 1973 to contain the Nile flood and to provide hydro-power for the country. Unfortunately the construction of the dam flooded most of Nubia, displacing many people as it created the largest artificial lake in the world.

Check in at the Movenpick Hotel.

Afternoon at leisure to enjoy the hotel grounds and perhaps book yourself for a spa session in the famous Movenpick Spa on Elephantine Island.

Overnight: Movenpick Hotel
Meals: B/L/-

Day 13 – Aswan – City Tour
This morning we explore the city of Aswan. Our first visit will take us to Philae Temple located on an island at Aswan Reservoir. The temple was saved from the waters after it had been submerged, unlike Abu Simbel. We learn about this process as well as history of Nubia.

From Philae Temple we head to the ancient Granite Quarries where we look at the massive unfinished obelisk left in the quarry more than 3500 years ago. We learn about quarrying Granite and the fascinating ancient methods of the stone masons who dealt with this hard volcanic stone before the use of iron.

We stop for lunch at a local restaurant before heading back to our hotel for an afternoon rest.

In early evening we take a walk through Aswan old street market just before we have dinner at a local restaurant in the market.

Overnight: Movenpick Hotel
Meals: B/L/D

Day 14 – Aswan to Cairo
Check out and drive to Aswan airport for our flight back to Cairo.

After 1.5 hour flight, we land in Cairo and head to the nearby airport hotel, Hilton Heliopolis, for a one night stay.

Overnight: Hilton Heliopolis
Meals: B/-/-

Day 15 – Departure Day
Check out and transfer to Cairo airport for our flights home.

Meals: B/-/-

Thanks for travelling with Finisterra!

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Sample Hotels” tab_id=”1449208780126-5c656139-d532″][vc_column_text]
Cairo – Marriott Mena House
Luxor – Sonesta St. George hotel
Dahabya – Private Sailboat
Abu Simbel – Abu Simbel Eco Lodge
Aswan – Movenpick

Please Note that these are just sample hotels and can be upgraded to best suit your needs.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Inclusion & Exclusion” tab_id=”1449208780765-5fd2d40a-5e8d”][vc_column_text]

Tour Inclusions:

    • 14 nights double/twin accommodation (4-5 star hotels, 5 nights aboard luxury sailboat)
    • Private transfers
    • All entrances, sightseeing, as per itinerary
    • Local tours with English speaking guides for excursions
    Meals as per itinerary

Tour Exclusions:

    • International airfare (Can be arranged by
    • Optional activities, spa services
    • Meals not mentioned on itinerary
    • Medical and travel insurance (Can be arranged by
    • Tips, alcoholic drinks, telephone, laundry, and other personal expenses
    Other activities not mentioned in itinerary

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Pricing” tab_id=”1451423726575-050c89ba-0b4f”][vc_column_text]

    • Date: Custom Departures

*Please note, the hotels and routing of this tour can be altered to best suit your needs. Prices may vary.



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